​​​​​​​​​Helpful Tips

  • ​​Immediately use QuiKleen Absorbent after spill occurs

  • Depending on the surface and contents of spill, it may be necessary to sweep used granules aside and repeat instructions. If QuiKleen is moist or pasty, add more 
    • ​As you become familiar with using QuiKleen, you will learn just how much of it to use in any given situation. If you use too much, sift or set aside the unused portion to reuse later. If you use too little, simply add more.

  • Solidify unused paint or stain for safe disposal by stirring an appropriate amount of QuiKleen Absorbent in the container 
    • It may be necessary to dilute a fresh paint spill with water (for Latex) or paint thinner (for Oil Based) if the spill has begun to dry.

  • Clean pet messes by applying QuiKleen Absorbent and working it in with a dustpan, plastic scraper or other rigid material. Scoop and discard.

  • QuiKleen is lightweight making it easy to handle. When using outdoors, position the bag close to the ground to minimize disbursement. 

  • A shovel, scraper or stick may be used if a broom is not readily available

  • QuiKleen Absorbent is non-flammable as is, however be mindful that the absorbed fluid may be. Use caution when working near a spark or flame. A suggested minimum ratio would be 3 parts QuiKleen to 1 part absorbed flammable liquid to assist in reducing combustability.

  • A Palmyra broom is recommended due to the coarse bristles

  • ​The lightweight granules are able to absorb liquid that has seeped into crevices to ensure thorough cleanup

  • FDA considers ID# 93763-70-3 as a mineral naturally occurring in nature and Generally Regarded as Safe (GRAS) making QuiKleen Absorbent safe to use in foodservice industries. (FDA SCOGS Report Number: 61)     

  • QuiKleen removes the slick residue when cleaning a diesel spill to prevent additional accidents

  • QuiKleen will stabilize, but not neutralize acids. A neutralizing agent will be required to bring the pH to an appropriate level.

  • NEVER use QuiKleen Absorbent with Hydrofluoric Acid​

Disposal of Waste

  • ​While QuiKleen Absorbent fully encapsulates liquid, it is recommended you follow local, state and federal guidelines and regulations regarding disposal of hazardous waste pertaining to the fluid absorbed.

  • ​​​​Given it's lightweight nature, QuiKleen will greatly reduce the cost of disposing hazardous material when utilizing a waste removal service. 

      Use as directed in accordance with safe handling instructions. Since conditions of use are beyond our control as the manufacturer,            the user of QuiKleen Absorbent assumes all risks and liability, without exception, in regard to appropriate use and disposal of the                absorbed material. 

Eco Friendly - QuiKleen Absorbent may be reclaimed many times

  • Sift the used granules and discard clumps​​
  • Remaining powder may be stored for future use

One Step- No Mopping Required

  • When used properly, the surface will be clean and dry, leaving no residue

​​Easy To Use

  • Surround the spill with QuiKleen Absorbent to prevent spreading, then cover with additional granules
  • Using a stiff bristle broom, work the spill from outside to inside with a circular motion until absorbed
  • Sweep, scoop or vacuum 
  • Properly absorbed liquids may be discarded in a trash receptacle depending upon absorbed material