QuiKleen is an inert, non-toxic, noncarcinogenic mineral used as a spill cleaning agent to fully encapsulate and stabilize liquid for safe disposal. As a non-leaching material, it will not release absorbed liquids into the ground and is therefore landfill acceptable.  





Reusable and Economical
Landfill Acceptable
Reduces Need for Degreaser
Eliminates Mop and Bucket
Leaves No Residue
Odorless/ Suppresses Odor

Reduces Hazardous Waste

Absorbs Rapidly


Manufacturing - Fleet Maintenance
Automotive Repair - Motorsports
Schools - Recreational Facilities
Healthcare Facilities - Home Health
Towing Services - Body Shops
Emergency Response-Crime Scenes
Waste Management - Spill Control

Veterinary Clinics - Janitorial